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How do I tune my ukulele?

Why Can't I stay in tune?

What device should I tune my ukulele with?

How is the U-Bass tuned?


Is my ukulele covered under any warranty?

Is my U-Bass covered under any warranty?


Why is it that Kala ukuleles & Acoustic-Electric model U-Basses do not come with strap buttons?

How often should I change my U-Bass strings?

Can I play the U-Bass acoustically?

What is the difference between high G tuning and low G tuning?

Purchasing Kala Instruments & Gear


What uke should I buy?

Where can I buy a Kala Ukulele? Can I buy one direct from Kala?

I do not live in the United States. Can I still purchase a Kala ukulele?

Can I convert my ukulele to a left-handed instrument?

What strings should I use on my ukulele?

How long will it take for my ukulele strings to stretch?

What brand of strings come standard on my Kala ukulele?

Does my ukulele come with a gig bag or case?

Why is it that Kala Ukuleles do not come standard with a wound C string?

Is it possible install a low G string on my ukulele?

Do you recommend tuning the ukulele up a whole step?

Do you recommend the use of a humidifier? If so, which brand do you recommend?

I would like to have a pickup installed in my ukulele. Which system do you recommend and can I install it myself?

I would like to purchase a new Kala ukulele but the one I want does not come with electronics. Can I special order one with a pickup system pre-installed?


Where can I buy a Kala U-Bass? Can I buy one direct from Kala?

Can I convert my U-Bass to a left-handed instrument?

Where can I purchase U-Bass strings?

What amplifiers do you recommend for the U-Bass?


Troubleshooting my Kala Instrument

My instrument is making a buzzing sound when I play it. What should I do?

My ukulele’s intonation sounds “off.” How can I adjust the intonation of my instrument?

My instrument’s action is a bit too high. Can I lower it myself by modifying the saddle?

My instrument is not functioning properly. What should I do next?

I have a part on my instrument that is not working properly. How can I get this replaced?

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