Paddle Bass by Kala®



Developed for educational and therapeutic environments, the Paddle Bass is a collaborative effort between Kala and internationally recognized music therapist Kalani Das. Designed as an easy and affordable way to add bass to any musical ensemble, the Paddle Bass offers instructors, therapists, and students an affordable, durable, easy-to-clean alternative to traditional bass options.

Simple to use, the single string bass helps players quickly achieve success with music. The Paddle Bass can be played flat on a lap or table, or in a traditional instrument-to-chest position, making it accessible for all players. Getting started is as simple as tuning the single string, plugging into an amp and following one of its three color-coded, interchangeable, magnetic fret guides.

  • Compact
  • Road Toad Proprietary Polyurethane Pahoehoe String
  • Color-coded & Labeled, Changeable Magnetic Fret Guides
  • Chromatic, Diatonic, & Pentatonic Scales
  • Can be Played Right-handed, Left-handed, & Shared
  • Durable & Easy to Clean
  • Fretless
  • Lays Flat
  • Strap Button
  • Deluxe Gig Bag



Kalani Das has over 30 years of professional experience as a percussionist, music educator, and music therapist. He is a certified Orff-Schulwerk Music Educator with many years of teaching experience both in school and community settings. He is also a Board-Certified Music Therapist and the founder of the Developmental Community Music approach to music-centered wellness. His work in music therapy includes with adults in addiction recovery, persons with traumatic brain injuries, and adults with developmental disabilities. He has published numerous books and produced many DVDs and CDs. He has worked with music legends such as Rod Stewart, Yanni, Max Roach, and Barry Manilow, as well as on soundtracks for both television and film.


The U•Bass is Kala’s original, short scale bass that has been turning heads since 2010, spawning many imitators with its booming low end and compact size. Based off of the success of the U•Bass, and in collaboration with Kalani Das, Kala developed the Paddle Bass. The ultimate, simple bass, the Paddle Bass is compact and made from durable plastic. It is easy to clean and easy to transport, making it great in any setting, especially educational or therapeutic environments. The Paddle Bass is easy to play for both right- and left-handers, and can also be played together to share the fun.