Kala Ambassador - Adam Pergande

Adam Pergande is a singer/musician from the UK, living in Castellon, Spain. Born into an artistic family, he began playing classical piano early and loved writing his own songs. He developed a passion for performing in musical theatre and playing keyboards in local rock bands. Adam began playing the ukulele when he arrived in Spain, starting by busking during the summer and eventually performing in local venues. In 2020, he started recording cover videos on social media and is constantly experimenting with artistic collaborations & new and imaginative ideas.

Adam is also the head of studies at Speakers’ Corner and teaches English and Ukulele to local students in Castellon, helping them to bridge the gap between Spanish and English with his own approach as a creative.

Adam continues to grow his online presence and produce entertaining musical content for social media, playing multiple instruments and developing as an artist.

Ukulele Philosophy
Let your imagination run wild!
Tip for Beginners
Have a clear idea what you want to achieve when you sit down to practise the Ukulele. Make a plan and stick to it and you will feel much more motivated!
Ukulele of Choice
Solid Spruce Mahogany Tenor

Ambassador on the Web
Instagram: addyuke