Kala Artist - Mira Goto

Music is the only thing that makes sense to Mira Goto. As a singer-songwriter turned performer, she has spent time thinking of a thousand different careers. 

She always comes back to music. 

"I love telling stories with music... To be able to speak to people through music is such a special gift. If I can tell a complete story from start to finish, then I feel that I have done my job as a songwriter."

Mira joined the Kala Artist Roster in 2018. Splitting time between Nashville and Santa Cruz, you can find her playing at the iconic Bluebird Cafe or Flynn's in Santa Cruz with her Kala Guitarlele. 


Koa Electric Guitarlele Solid Spruce Top (KA-GL-KOA-E)
Solid Cedar Top Parlor Guitar (KA-GTR-PLR)
Solid Mahogany Thinline Guitar (KA-GTR-MTS-E)


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