The Genesis of Kala Elite USA

The Genesis of Kala Elite USA

The Kala Elite USA Series ukulele is the result of our ever growing passion and unyielding commitment to providing players with the ultimate ukulele experience. Every component, from the vivid aesthetics to the tiniest of structural pieces, was purposefully designed to create an everlasting platform for the next generation of ukulele players.

To develop an instrument of the highest caliber, we first turned to one of the most respected ukulele luthiers in the world, Michael DaSilva. Under DaSilva’s guidance, our builders established the discipline necessary to produce the fundamental beginnings of our Elite USA Series ukulele. This series could not exist without the feedback and support from DaSilva and many other influential individuals within the ukulele community.

A ukulele’s top is the most visually recognizable influencer of the instrument’s sound. By approaching our design in similar fashion to classical guitar builders of the last 150 years, we were able to engineer a flat top that produces rich treble and bountiful bass, resulting in an uncompromisingly balanced tonal character.

The visual elegance of the top is paired with a string-through bridge method, creating a sleek waterfall-like effect. Internally, a Maple bridge pad lends added strength to the structure of the instrument, allowing the force of tension to pull from underneath, optimizing sound vibration across the entire top of the ukulele.

In order to appeal to a wide range of personal playing styles, we tailored our necks to deliver maximum player comfort and intensified accuracy. By integrating a 1.5” fingerboard width and a natural radius into the neck’s design, we were able to develop custom string spacing, allowing players to navigate quickly and efficiently across the entire range of the fretboard.

We lengthened the distance from the top of the neck to the headstock, providing players an added layer of comfort through more natural hand positioning. Finally, our single piece neck features a bolt on design, simplifying routine maintenance and dramatically reducing risk of damage while servicing the instrument over its lifetime.

The harmonious intersection of traditional elegance and modern instrument design make this a ukulele to be enjoyed for generations to come. The Kala Elite USA Series is the new standard in ukulele, delivering a truly remarkable sound and playing experience.

Quite simply, it is our best ukulele yet.