The Revelator™

The Revelator™ by Kala is a true revelation of creative ukulele design and aesthetic. Handcrafted in the Kala USA Workshop in Petaluma, California, The Revelator™ is a multi-award winning “Acoustic Anomaly”—a slim line electro-acoustic ukulele that has all of the acoustic tone and volume of a full body ukulele.The instrument is as inspiring to view as it is to play.

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Revelator™ Nautilus Limited Master Grade Koa Tenor Ukulele


$1,999.00 MSRP

These highly figured Master Grade Koa tops are beautiful examples of why Hawaiian Koa is so prized — both visually striking and sonically pleasing,...
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Revelator™ Nautilus Limited Master Grade Mango Tenor Ukulele


$1,999.00 MSRP

The Revelator™ Nautilus Limited Master Grade Hawaiian Mango Tenor Ukulele features all Mango construction. This wood was part of an old Kala trade ...
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Revelator™ Nautilus Master Grade Korina Tenor Ukulele


$1,799.00 MSRP

The Revelator™ Nautilus Master Grade Korina Tenor Ukulele features all Korina construction with variegated and figured Black Limba from West Afric...
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Revelator™ Nautilus Premium Korina Tenor Ukulele


$1,499.00 MSRP

The Revelator™ Nautilus Premium Korina Tenor Ukulele is the flagship model of the Kala Revelator series. Its all solid Korina construction shows o...
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Pete Howlett x Kala USA Workshop

Kala’s Luthier Team has collaborated with renowned U.K. Luthier Pete Howlett to craft The Revelator Ukulele in its Petaluma, California Lutherie Studio. Pete’s inspired design approach reflects over 30 years of experience and exploration handcrafting guitars and ukulele in his studio in Talysarn, Wales. In early 2023 the torch was passed to Kala Brand Music Co. for production and distribution of The Revelator Ukulele.

The Sight

The sleek aesthetic of The Revelator™ practically glows. Its curves are elegant and exotic, taking inspiration from the Nautilus shell which has long captivated admirers. Kala’s first iteration of The Revelator Nautilus Ukulele will feature all solid Korina construction. Korina, also known as Black Limba, is an exotic tone wood from West Africa—a blond-colored wood with beautiful dark variegated coloring that forms unique striations and patterns within each part of the tree. Each Revelator is a one of a kind creation which means your Revelator will be distinctly unique.

The Science

The unique features and styling of The Revelator are integral to the sound, playability and overall appearance of the instrument. This slim line electro-acoustic ukulele is lightweight yet extremely sturdy even under the most rigorous playing. The neck is hand shaped and flows into the body with a seamless transition that allows the player access to its generous 22 frets; the beveled comfort body edges are easy on the strumming and picking arm; and the body and top designs work in harmony to allow the ukulele to resonate to its highest potential.

The Sound

The Revelator is created in a way that maximizes the resonance and vibration of the radius Ukulele top. The slim design and minimal top bracing allows the energy and power of the strings to work in step and concert with the top—producing a clear and articulate tone with surprising volume and impressive sustain—while the Nautilus sound hole is positioned nearest the player’s ears giving instant tonal response. The Revelator is alive with sound and tone and is a true pleasure to play.