Banjo Strap Adapter


$ 10.50

Need to add a strap to your banjo uke?  The Kala Banjo Strap Adapter hooks onto your banjo rim to allow easy strap installation.   
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Classical Ukulele Strap


$ 10.00

No strap button? No problem!  Step 1. Loop the large portion over your head Step 2. Loop the clip under your uke Step 3. Latch the clip to the bott...
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Handmade Ukulele Straps


$ 27.00

Handmade in California, these speciality ukulele straps feature vibrant patterns and stunning design. 
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U-Bass Black Cloth Strap


$ 12.00

Black Cloth U-Bass strap - the perfect accessory for the gigging U-Bassist.
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