"Happy Place" Song Breakdown w/ Alyssa Trahan

"Happy Place" Song Breakdown w/ Alyssa Trahan

Based out of Nashville, Alyssa Trahan is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that we are very proud to have as a part of the Kala Artist family! While much of her music is classifiable within the Country and Country Pop umbrella, something we’ve admired about Alyssa’s work is her ability to blur genre lines by applying her own unique approach to production, style and instrumentation.

As one of the singles off of her debut LP Baby Blues & Stilettos, “Happy Place,” was written and performed by Alyssa using her Kala Ukulele, she teamed up with us to provide an in-depth breakdown of the song and its components.

For anyone interested in ukulele, music production, or how a song comes together, join us in exploring the behind-the-scenes of “Happy Place” with Alyssa Trahan:

Making Of: Production and Recording

Behind the Single: Songwriting

Learning the Song: Ukulele Tutorial


The Finished Product: "Happy Place"


Alyssa writes and records with her Kala Solid Spruce Top Ebony Tenor Ukulele, as well as her Striped Ebony Fretted U•BASS®

“Happy Place” is just one of several fantastic tunes on Alyssa’s debut album Baby Blues & Stilettos -- you can stream the album and follow her musical journey here.
August 04, 2021 by Joe DeMars
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