From the Kala USA Workshop

Handcrafted in the Kala USA Workshop in Petaluma, California, the Revelator™ Nautilus Ukulele and California U•BASS® are the crown jewels of the Kala lineup. Visually striking, sonically pleasing, and quality assured, our USA-Made offerings are simply a cut above.

The Revelator™ Nautilus Ukulele

A true revelation of creative ukulele design and aesthetic, The Revelator™ Nautilus Ukulele is a multi-award winning “Acoustic Anomaly”—a slim line electro-acoustic ukulele that has all of the acoustic tone and volume of a full body ukulele. This instrument is as inspiring to view as it is to play.

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California U•BASS®

The newest generation of California U•BASS® offers a refined approach to Kala’s original short-scale solid body bass design. Boasting exceptionally deep lows, remarkable versatility, and outstanding craftsmanship, it makes a perfect fit for the next-level bass player.

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