Introducing Kala Artist Mandy Harvey

Introducing Kala Artist Mandy Harvey

Kala is proud to announce that the incredibly talented Mandy Harvey is an official Kala Artist!

You might recognize Mandy as the incredible deaf musician from the last season of America’s Got Talent. She wowed the audience with her original songs, each played on a Kala ukulele. We are so excited to be working with Mandy and can’t wait to show you all of the things we have planned!

"Breathtaking...Reminds me of the first time I heard Adele sing"
- Simon Cowell

Mandy’s story is an inspiring one. She grew up playing music with her family in Colorado, and after graduating high school enrolled at Colorado State University to pursue a degree in Vocal Music Education. Soon after enrolling at CSU, she lost her residual hearing due to a connective tissue disorder and unfortunately, left the program.

Mandy was born with near perfect pitch and with encouragement, she picked music back up and learned to trust her pitch with the help of visual tuners and feel the rhythm through vibrations to get her timing. By 2008, she was performing at jazz clubs all around Colorado.

She has since recorded and released three albums and has become an ambassador for No Barriers USA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities. In 2017, Mandy came to national attention after appearing on America’s Got Talent, where she was judge Simon Cowell’s “Golden Buzzer” winner. During this time Mandy also found time to pen her first book, “Sensing the Rhythm: Finding My Voice in a World Without Sound,” which came out in September 2017.

Since her time on America’s Got Talent, Mandy has spent time touring, writing, and was even able to stop by Kala HQ for a visit!

She met and hung out with our staff for the afternoon and played a few songs for us in the Kala Lounge. To be able to hear her story in person was even more emotional and inspiring. We’re so thankful to be teamed up with her!

Mandy was able to record two of her original songs in our studio during her visit. Check out Mandy’s songs “This Time” and “Try” below.


What is your favorite song by Mandy Harvey? Let us know in the comments!

March 14, 2018 by Emma Lott
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