Kala Transit Series Gig Bag

Make Your Uke Transport Dreams a Reality

At the end of 2017 we introduced the newest addition to our line of gig bags, the Kala Transit Series Gig Bag.

Kala Transit Series Gig Bag (front)

Whether you’re a gigging musician or just heading out to jam with friends, this bag will make sure your uke gets there and back safely. The lightweight Transit Bag is water-resistant to help keep your uke protected from the elements. It is also perfect for securely holding your ukes wherever you store them.

Kala Transit Series Gig Bag (inside)

Our sturdy Transit Bag is padded to keep your ukulele protected wherever you take it. It is outfitted with a comfortable handle and a convenient back strap for multiple carrying options. It also includes a spacious pocket to hold your accessories and extra strings and the inner padding can be effortlessly removed for easy cleaning.

Kala Transit Series Gig Bag (back)
The Transit Bag comes in black with stylish diagonal stitching and is available in soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone sizes.

Kala Transit Series Gig Bag gif

If you're still not convinced that Kala’s all-purpose Transit Bag is the right gig bag for you, we offer this infomercial to help assure you.

Let us know what you look for in a gig bag in the comments.

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