New Product: Solid Body U•BASS®

New Product: Solid Body U•BASS®

Kala is very excited to announce new models that comprise the Solid Body U•BASS® CollectionPulling inspiration from the California Solid Body U•BASS series, the all new Solid Body U•BASS is a whole new take on the U•BASS.

Its sleek off-set body shape is contoured for comfort. The 22 pocketed frets and 23.5” scale provide plenty of room to maneuver around, yet it is still compact enough to easily travel with. The tone is thick and meaty thanks to the passive split coil classic pickups.

At the bottom of this page: Enter to win a Solid Body 4-string Jet Black Fretted U•BASS! (signups end 9/28 - winner will be notified directly by 9/29.



 We are currently offering 4-string fretted models in high-gloss Candy Apple Red, Jet Black and Sunburst. A 4-string fretless version in Sunburst is soon to follow. More colors, left-handed and 5-string options will be available in early 2024.


    • Custom in-house body & pickguard designed by Kala
    • Split-Coil passive pick-ups with volume and tone controls
    • Perfect combo of small, yet comfortable
    • 23.5 inch Scale
    • Solid Okoume body, Canadian Maple neck & Laurel fingerboard
    • 4 Saddle — 2 way adjustable bridge (string height, intonation)
    • Round Wound strings
    • Pocketed fret design
    • Includes gig bag with neck rest & tool kit for set-up


Upgraded roundwound and flatwound string options specifically for these models are coming soon. Due to the way the magnetic pickups function in the new Solid Body U•BASS, only short-scale, metal-core Solid Body U•BASS strings are compatible with this model. Strings designed for our other U•BASS models will not be compatible with this instrument. Please reach our Service Team with any string compatibility or product questions:







September 21, 2023 by Ash Reyes
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