What sets Kala apart?

What sets Kala apart?

The ukulele has risen in popularity rapidly the last few years. We know there are hundreds of brands to choose from, and we’re thankful for your interest in Kala! But what makes Kala different? What sets it apart from all the other brands and makes it one of the most popular names in the ukulele world?


For such an affordable price, the Kala ukulele has outstanding sound and quality. Kala has full-time quality control overseeing the manufacturing process of our instruments from start to finish. A final inspection happens at our distribution centers before anything ships, making sure your instrument is the best it can be before getting it to your hands. Every uke, from the most affordable to our highest-end, stay in tune. They’re all beautiful, blemish free, high-quality instruments. With the proper care and love, they’ll be playing perfectly for years to come.


Here at Kala, we employ creators. We’re not putting out the same ukulele every year, we’re thinking up new ways to make a better instrument all the time. We're always updating and improving our old favorites with upgraded EQs and hardware, and more sizes or colors added to every collection. From the Waterman to the U•Bass, we’ve created industry standards that are enabling and furthering the creativity of musicians all over the world.


Kala has the widest variety of ukuleles in the industry. Looking for something colorful and fun? Take a look through our Waterman and Ukadelic lines! Want something a little more traditional? Check out the Satin Mahogany or Hawaiian Gloss Koa lines. How about unique woods rarely seen in ukulele? Try the Ebony or Bocote lines. Do you love the jazzy look of F-Holes? Look through our Archtop line, or find the Resonator! With over 175 models, there really is something for everyone!

So if you’re thinking about taking the leap and buying that first ukulele, Kala is your best choice. With the quality and vast variety of instruments, you’re sure to find a perfect match.

What sets Kala apart for you? What makes it your favorite ukulele brand? Let us know in the comments!

January 16, 2018 by Emma Lott
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