The Parlor Guitar

The Parlor Guitar

The Kala Parlor Guitar is back! Some of you may be wondering what’s so special about this guitar or even what a parlor guitar is! Well, that’s totally fair so don’t worry because we’ll lay it all out for you right here!

What is a Parlor Guitar?

A Parlor Guitar is a type of acoustic guitar known for its shorter scale length and usually has an American/Western design. The instrument became popular in many mid-sized to small-sized venues across the west which is how it originally got its name. The body shape of the instrument is usually the biggest aesthetic giveaway that you are looking at in a parlor. The body is usually elongated to produce a louder sound despite its smaller scale length.


What Does It Sound Like?

The distinct tone of this instrument is the main reason for its resurgence in popularity. The smaller body and loud projection give the guitar a very clear, midrange-based tone that fits ideally into genres like orchestra, classical, dance, waltz, and folk. The keen emphasis on the midrange makes this instrument a terrific choice for guitarists wanting to fit into a larger ensemble and for artists who like to stand out in smaller venues as the guitar pleasantly cuts through environmental noise inside a crowded room.


The Kala Parlor Guitar

When it came time for Kala to do its own take on this instrument we wanted to focus on tone and affordability. Now that this product has gone through the process of an upgraded redesign, the Kala Parlor Guitar delivers both of these in spades. We wanted our Parlor to have a clear, even tone with resonate midrange and warm low end that would compliment a variety of playing styles. The guitar is smaller but it projects loud and clear! How did we achieve this tone? We did it by using an All Solid Cedar Top made from a single piece of wood for the soundboard and implementing authentic design elements to promote durability and quality that Kala has been implementing to our products for years. The fingerboard and the bridge are made of beautiful, resilient, ethically-sourced ebony wood and the guitar is aesthetically topped off with walnut binding. This full-bodied and warm tone can usually only be found in guitars twice the price of this instrument, but by selling this guitar directly to the customer through our Kala website we were able to lower our price on the Kala Parlor Guitar to $279.99. The value on this instrument far exceeds its own price point. From the fashionable slotted headstock to the clean satin finish on the cedar wood soundboard, this instrument is beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to hear.

April 30, 2018 by Nicholas Cafiero
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