Ukulele Capo


$ 10.50

The Kala ukulele capo is available in Black, Silver or Red.
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Kala Metal Round Wound U-Bass Strings


$ 31.00

Available in 4 or 5 string sets, the Kala Metal Round Wound strings offer U-Bassists the familiar feel of metal strings. Accurate intonation, warm,...
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Kala Klipz Tuner


$ 12.00

Kala Klipz tuners are precise quality tuners that get you in tune and help you stay there. Works with ukulele, guitar, mandolin, bass, violin and ...
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L.R. Baggs Five.O


$ 150.00

The FIVE.O is small, light-weight, and best of all, specifically engineered to track the uke’s unmistakably unique voice. The system combines a cu...
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U-Bass Black Cloth Strap


$ 12.00

Black Cloth U-Bass strap - the perfect accessory for the gigging U-Bassist.
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Handmade Ukulele Straps


$ 27.00

Handmade in California, these speciality ukulele straps feature vibrant patterns and stunning design. 
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Aquila Nylgut® Ukulele Strings


$ 10.50

Aquila’s New Nylgut® strings are made from a plastic compound made of three synthetic components, the first genuine synthetic gut string in the wor...
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Classical Ukulele Strap


$ 10.00

No strap button? No problem!  Step 1. Loop the large portion over your head Step 2. Loop the clip under your uke Step 3. Latch the clip to the bott...
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Road Toad Pahoehoe U-Bass Strings


$ 27.00

Road Toad Pahoehoe Polyurethane U-Bass strings for a U-Bass. Set includes EADG.
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Kala Tweed Amp


$ 50.00

Looking to do some street performing? Want to give your uke that old-time vintage feel? The Kala Tweed Amp is portable, easy to use, and compatible...
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Aquila Red® Ukulele Strings


$ 11.50

Aquila’s Red® strings produce a lower-pitched note by changing the weight of the material rather than increasing its gauge. By keeping the gauge th...
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Aquila Thundergut U-Bass Strings


$ 32.00

From Aquila: Thundergut® is a special very elastic and dense material developed by us in our headquarter that assure superior performances over th...
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Aquila Lava® Ukulele Strings


$ 11.50

Lava® strings were inspired by volcanos, a Hawaiian symbol of life, and are Aquila’s respectful homage to the Hawaiian people who helped make the ...
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Pyramid Metal U-Bass Strings


$ 40.00

Available for Solid Body or Acoustic Electric U-Basses.
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Mahogany Foam Stand (Ukulele)


$ 26.00

The perfect stand for all your ukulele needs. Put your instrument down in a safe spot where you can easily set it down and pick it up without worry...
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Ukulele Polishing Kit


$ 17.00

Kala Brand Music Co. ukulele polishing cloth kit
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Aquila Super Nylgut® Ukulele Strings


$ 11.50

Super Nylgut® strings are the upgraded version of Aquila’s New Nylgut® strings. The smooth pearl white Super Nylgut® strings are stronger and less ...
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Holly's Ukulele Method


$ 25.00

Catch the Wave with Holly’s Ukulele Method™ Perfect for Beginning to Intermediate Players! 182 pages of comprehensive, illustrated instruction ...
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Aquila Bionylon® Ukulele Strings


$ 8.00

Bionylon® strings are the first eco-friendly synthetic string in the world. The smooth white Bionylon® strings are made of a 68% plant-derived cast...
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Banjo Strap Adapter


$ 10.50

Need to add a strap to your banjo uke?  The Kala Banjo Strap Adapter hooks onto your banjo rim to allow easy strap installation.   
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