Olive Tweed Archtop Tenor Revelator™ Ukulele Hard Case

Model: ORT-AT


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Borrowing heavily from Kala's standard Olive Tweed Archtop ukulele cases, the Olive Tweed Archtop Revelator™ Ukulele Hard Case features a slimmer case that will fit Tenor Nautilus and Night Owl models like a glove. The archtop lid is more structurally sound, preventing contact to the top of the instrument when impacted. The cushioned handle will help you carry your instrument and case comfortably and the plush interior will hold your instrument firmly in place without scratching or damaging it. The antiqued hardware completes the vintage look of this Archtop Revelator™ Hard Case.

This case only fits tenor models of The Revelator™ by Kala—it is not compatible with any other variations or sizes.

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