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Whiskey Vegan U•BASS® EcoStrap®



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Our Vegan U•BASS® EcoStrap® is proudly made from VinylTech®: a 100% synthetic laminated material, manufactured from raw materials without any animal origin. 100% free of phthalates, 100% free of hydrolysis and 100% recyclable, this sustainable material is so close to leather in look and texture, it is difficult to tell the difference!

For a classic look, the embroidered gold U•BASS® logo is showcased on this whiskey faux-leather strap.

The strap is attached by looping under the headstock, under the strings, then buttoning closed, while the other end attaches to the strap button on the bottom. It measures at 1.6" width and is adjustable from 31" to 55" (80 cm to 140cm). It fits all acoustic-electric and solid body U•BASS® models (also suitable for: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone ukulele).

Most Kala instruments come with a strap button installed. Check the product specs to see if one is included on your instrument. If you need a strap button installed, please have it done by a professional.

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