Rectified Nylon Ukulele Strings


$ 6.50

Kala Rectified Nylon strings are center-less ground to produce a smooth texture and consistent diameter. This produces a more comfortable string ...
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Aquila Carbonblack® Ukulele Strings


$ 9.99

Carbonblack® strings are Aquila’s answer to fluorocarbon strings. The dark gray Carbonblack® strings have a more brilliant, powerful, and consiste...
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Aquila Nylgut® Ukulele Strings


$ 10.50

Aquila’s New Nylgut® strings are made from a plastic compound made of three synthetic components, the first genuine synthetic gut string in the wor...
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Aquila Red® Ukulele Strings


$ 11.50

Aquila’s Red® strings produce a lower-pitched note by changing the weight of the material rather than increasing its gauge. By keeping the gauge th...
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Aquila Super Nylgut® Ukulele Strings


$ 11.50

Super Nylgut® strings are the upgraded version of Aquila’s New Nylgut® strings. The smooth pearl white Super Nylgut® strings are stronger and less ...
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Aquila Lava® Ukulele Strings


$ 11.50

Lava® strings were inspired by volcanos, a Hawaiian symbol of life, and are Aquila’s respectful homage to the Hawaiian people who helped make the ...
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Aquila Bionylon® Ukulele Strings


$ 8.00

Bionylon® strings are the first eco-friendly synthetic string in the world. The smooth white Bionylon® strings are made of a 68% plant-derived cast...
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