Kala Ambassador - Danny Mo Morris

Danny Mo Morris is a bass player, a professor at Berklee College of Music since 1988, and loves teaching the language of music to students of all ages. He has worked with thousands of students and stays connected to the bass community worldwide via his posts on Instagram (@dmoplaysbass).

D Mo started on trumpet and piano, studied at Ithaca College and Berklee, then toured for ten years as bassist with the James Montgomery Blues Band, and the Jon Pousette-Dart Band before signing on to Berklee’s faculty. He’s an avid swimmer and loves walking daily for miles with his wife and their Bassett Hound “Tosh” on Cape Cod where they live.

Ukulele Philosophy
Visualize music, good music, feel the capacity of every note, every rest...and if you just play a few notes, they all sound different!
Tip for Beginners
Learn songs, basslines to songs, melodies to songs, harmony to songs..from there you will see and hear the big picture.. discover the beauty that music has to offer. Rejoice in it!

U•BASS® of Choice

Scout Acoustic-Electric U•BASS®

Ambassador on the Web
Website: https://momethod.com/
Instagram: dmoplaysbass