Kala Ambassador - Eric Milliard
Eric is a composer, songwriter and ukulele teacher based in Paris. His passion is sharing music through travel and meeting musicians all over the world. He thinks that ukulele is not only one of the most accessible instruments there is, but also the most fun. He teaches ukulele and guitar to students of all ages, and loves seeing each person's talent blossom and their enthusiasm for discovering music.

As a composer, Eric's music has been used by major television broadcasters and platforms (including France Télévisions, BBC and Netflix) and he has collaborated with artists across Europe and Asia.

His favourite Kala is the Solid Acacia Tenor for its powerful, dynamic and precise sound — but he keeps a special place in his heart for his first ukulele, a Kala Exotic Mahogany Soprano, which was a gift from his friends.

Ukulele Philosophy
Ukulele is the best instrument for sharing music in a fun, simple and direct way. Play it like a child would, share it like you would bread.
Tip for Beginners
Fun is the best motivation. You can reach an incredible level if you work on music that you like.

Ukulele of Choice

Exotic Mahogany Tenor

Ambassador on the Web
Website: www.ukulele-online.com
Instagram: eric_ukumusic