Kala Ambassador - GussWhat?

GussWhat? is a Portuguese-born musician, singer-songwriter who also writes about himself in the third person. Raised by two art enthusiasts, he developed an early taste for music and started experimenting with every household object he found; he surely can’t remember it, but that’s how rumor has it. While a kid, he went to EXPO ‘98 and had a life-changing experience seeing all those different musical cultures. One day his grandmother gave him a Cavaquinho (father to the ukulele) and a lot of musical gifts followed. He had drum classes, but spent them talking about basketball. Entered different music schools but decided to give up on those and study on his own. Did it turn out well? Who knows... What a stubborn kid.

At the age of twelve, he was selected for the Portuguese Junior Song Contest and started working as a musician. One day, he got an electric bass and it was love at the first plug with the low-end. Jumping to the present, he's gone on to work both live and in the studio with multiple musicians; from jazz to metal, to hip hop, folk, funk, rock, electronic, and traditional Portuguese music. Guss studied Music Production and Sound Engineering in Lisbon, and animation with Oscar Nominee Bill Plympton - which has nothing to do with it, but also sounds cool.

In 2019 he gave up on info-exclusion and joined Instagram, and has been keeping it growing with each video. In 2020, he opened for Adam Ben Ezra in London, won the contest for Bakithi Kumalo’s album artwork (receiving a U•BASS® from Kala), won an Orla Gartland’s cover competition using that same instrument, and started working on his solo material focused mainly on U•BASS® and Vocals.

Ukulele Philosophy
What may seem a four-string limitation, opens up the fourth dimension of possibilities!
Tip for Beginners
You might miss a chord, but you shall never miss a beat!

U•BASS® of Choice

Fretless Solid Mahogany U•BASS®

Ambassador on the Web
Instagram: _gusswhat_