Kala Ambassador - Kathryn Selman

Kathryn is a music teacher, songwriter, performer and wine lover! As a mama with two young kids at home she longed for more creative time in her life, and wanted to encourage creativity in others as well. And thus she launched Ukulele Wine Time, a YouTube channel especially for beginners to learn the ukulele in a super fun, calm and low pressure way… and if you want you can drink wine while you do it!

Kathryn has her Masters degree in music/jazz studies from the University of North Texas and has taught music for over 10 years. She is also a vocalist and has released an album (Kat Selman) and was a finalist in the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Competition in 2014. She loves playing and teaching ukulele (and enjoying wine!) to stay positive, reduce anxiety and connect with others around the world.

She also runs a bi-monthly virtual meetup, Ukulele Wine Club, where you can play a song and sip a glass of wine with other like-minded ukulele beginners. Kathryn lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York with her husband, two young children and their dog Finn.

Ukulele Philosophy
Everyone needs creative time, and the ukulele is an incredible vehicle to play music in an accessible, creative and joyful way!
Tip for Beginners
Try not to be intimidated by strumming patterns! Start simple and build up your rhythmic foundation when you’re ready–to add contour and make each song your own.

Ukulele of Choice
Gloss Solid Cedar Top Acacia Tenor with Cutaway & EQ

Ambassador on the Web
Website: https://ukulelewinetime.com/
Facebook: ukulelewinetime
Instagram: ukulelewinetime
Youtube: Ukulele Wine Time