Kala Ambassador - Lara Samira

Lara Samira is a 20 year-old Indie Singer-Songwriter with music she describes as “imperfectly perfect”. Through her music, Lara wants to bring peace and hope to the world.

When she was little, Lara Samira and her grandpa used to sing a lot together. She would watch countless Disney movies and both her music-loving dad and her grandpa taught her that music allows you to see the world in a brighter light. She took piano and singing lessons, but never really enjoyed them.

In 2016 she saw Grace Vanderwaal’s performance on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and felt so inspired that she knew she just had to learn how to play the Ukulele. Just a year later, she stood on a big stage with a ukulele herself, performing on the show The Voice of Germany. That was the moment Lara decided to start making music for a living.

Although Lara has always been more of an introvert, she realized that performing with her ukulele makes her feel comfortable and safe. Playing her uke helps her tell her story and speak her mind through music, rather than having a conversation about it. Small mistakes and imperfections are part of her style. Playing the strings of her ukulele makes her feel even more connected to the music and which is why you’ll never find her perform without it.

Since then, she has also learned how to play the guitar and the piano, but the ukulele still is and always will be her favorite instrument. Most of her original songs were also written on one of her five ukuleles!

Ukulele Philosophy
Walt Disney always said: “If you can dream it, you can do it,” and my ukulele not only brings me happiness and joy but it also helps me make my dreams come true.
Tip for Beginners
I know it can be frustrating in the beginning, but you shouldn’t just give up! Play lots of songs that you love, just have fun with them, and also record your progress on video to keep your motivation up. This helps a lot.

Ukulele of Choice

Solid Spruce Scallop Tenor

Ambassador on the Web
Website: www.larasamira.com
Facebook: Lara Samira
Instagram: _larasamira_
Youtube: Lara Samira