Kala Ambassador - Lolo Vila

I am a singer and songwriter from Spain, I love music and have been playing classic piano since I was seven years old, music is my life.

Right now I am studying the 4º grade of professional piano at the Superior
Conservatory of Music of Valencia.

When I was thirteen years old I bought my first blue kala shark ukulele, I love to sing with my uke and always comes with me when I travel or go to my summer surf camp. Playing the ukulele at night at the beach next to a bond fire is magic.

I have lots of fun writing and singing short songs for tiktok, I am also a Spotify verified artist where I upload my favorite songs, you can find lolitacircus in most of the music platforms.

I dream of living surrounded by music.

Ukulele Philosophy
¡¡Comer, dormir, tocar tu Kala y repetir!!
Tip for Beginners
I am sure that you are going to have fun playing the ukulele, play the songs that you love, its small and lightweight so it's easy to take it anywhere. ¡El truco es divertirse!

Ukulele of Choice

Mako Blue Soprano Shark

Ambassador on the Web
Instagram: lolitacircus
Youtube: lolita circus