Kala Ambassador - Mica Amatti

I'm Mica and I'm 26 years old! Ever since I can remember, music has been fundamental for me. I started singing when I was 8 years old and by the age of 14 had years of experience on guitar and piano. Over the years, I've sung for various bands, including rock, pop, and Celtic music -- my personal favorite! Through these experiences, I have discovered that music has no limits in my life and that I can find something to highlight and enjoy in every style.

Adult life took me away, a bit, from those dreams of being a "rockstar." Then the ukulele came into my life! It has become my perfect companion for singing. The ukulele is simple and sweet, with a soft tone that fills the space. Moreover, it is easy to play for an adult who wants to return to music and is very practical to transport for a lover of traveling around the world.

So, like a worthy millennial, I opened YouTube and learned to play (with The Ukulele Teacher). I created my own channel and began uploading my own cover videos. Soon enough, people were asking me again and again for the chords, so I understood that could perhaps be my role. My subscribers enjoyed my first tutorials, so I continued uploading them, improving them with a better camera, a new ukulele, lights, and even assembling the song tablature. I wanted to give others the opportunity to do what I did: learn on YouTube at their own pace, repeating as many times as needed, and to ultimately discover the magic that I found in this beautiful instrument.

Today, with a community that is constantly growing, with people from all over the world asking me for songs and to solve their doubts, and with people writing to simply to thank me for explaining a song... I thank my past self for having stubbornly stuck it out with a little pink ukulele!

Ukulele Philosophy
No hay un solo día en que la música no se apodere de mi.
Tip for Beginners
No tengas miedo a equivocarte. Del caos nacen las estrellas - solo ten paciencia contigo mientras aprendes

Ukulele of Choice

Solid Acacia Concert

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Website: https://www.micaamatti.com/
Instagram: micaamatti
Youtube: Mica Amatti