Kala Ambassador - Ron Telpner

For nearly 40 years, Ron spent his life in the advertising business, bringing new brands to life and new life to older brands. He expanded his ad agency from Toronto, opening offices in Denver and Dubai. When challenged by cancer, Ron sold his agencies, focused on his health and undertook charitable work.

When complications and further health challenges badly affected his lungs, he was told that singing would help. Ron bought his first ukulele, a Kala Travel Tenor, and learned to play. That was over 5 years ago and now he can be found playing and singing everyday on Instagram, defying the odds, and rocking fashion like no one else.

Growing up listening to Top 40 hits on his transistor radio, Ron is passionate about Rock n' Roll, Blues and Country & Western music. His knowledge and musings have garnered him a loyal following. He believes the ukulele has added years to his life and he gives back by continuing to assist worthy non-profit organizations like the Movember Foundation and the Doane School of Music. Ron is co-founder of the Annual Ukulele Flashmob for Peace, which Kala is proud to support.

Ukulele Philosophy
The journey of a thousand songs starts with a single strum.
Tip for Beginners
You'll be surprised how quickly you can learn and play a song by knowing only 4 or 5 chords. Keep practicing and learning new chords as you go along to expand your repertoire.
Ukulele of Choice
Resonator Brass Tenor Ukulele

Ambassador on the Web
Instagram: rontelpner