Kala Ambassador - Ross Chun

Ross Chun is a Humanitarian working for a national non-profit assisting children and families. He is also an elected public servant focused on education, diversity and public safety with a focus on supporting the youth in his community. In his professional life, Ross works as the Director of Development for Family Promise, providing short-term housing for children and their families facing homelessness. In his public life, Ross has served the City of Aliso Viejo as a Planning Commissioner, Councilman, Mayor Pro Tem and twice as the Mayor.

In his free time, Ross works with students, teachers and the local community, sharing the message of the importance of family history, ethnic heritage and cultural diversity. Ross performs with his Ukulele and shares stories about his family's Hawaiian heritage. Ross is the host of the Ohana Stories Podcast, where he discusses food, music and family history with a wide variety of guests, and performs for young students, high schoolers, and members of the local senior community with stories, music and humor.

Ukulele Philosophy
The Ukulele is the friendliest instrument I know. I travel with my Ukulele, and whenever people see it, they ask me to play something for them. No other instrument has that kind of effect on people, inspiring strangers to ask for a song no matter where you are.
Tip for Beginners
Music always tells a story, the Ukulele is the best way to tell others about yourself and your passion. Play for fun..play for your friends...play from the heart. You can never go wrong.
Ukulele of Choice
Gloss Mahogany Concert
Ambassador on the Web
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