Kala Ambassador - Sagar Roy

I am Sagar Roy — from Bhubaneswar, India! I liked music and musical instruments since my childhood, but never had any real exposure until 2007 when I first picked up a guitar. After completing my graduation in Electrical Engineering, I started searching for jobs and, in the meantime, began teaching guitar from home. I posted my first guitar lesson on YouTube in 2013 with whatever resources I had. I had never wanted to become a teacher or instructor, but it grew on me and I really enjoyed doing it. So, rather than searching for a job, I started teaching guitar full time.

I played a ukulele for the first time in 2017 and you could say it was love at first sight. I really loved the soothing effect it had on me. I started playing some Hindi and Bollywood songs on it and really liked the way the songs came out. I tried to play some guitar riffs on ukulele & I really liked that as well. As I was already teaching guitar on YouTube and I couldn't find any dedicated ukulele channel in India, I thought why not create a channel dedicated to ukulele where I will teach Hindi & Bollywood songs along with basic theory for beginners.

Therefore, I created "Uke Bajaao," which means "Play The Uke"; in 2017 and started posting tutorials. It was the first dedicated ukulele channel in India. As ukulele was not so popular in India at that time, the initial response was slow. However, I did not quit and began posting even more videos! Slowly people started to like and appreciate the instrument. Now, the ukulele is getting quite popular in India as more people are joining the ukulele community everyday. Currently I have around 350k subs on my Guitar channel and 45k subs on my Ukulele channel! I think knowledge increases by sharing and I really liked teaching and sharing my knowledge with others.

Ukulele Philosophy
I think music has a therapeutic effect, which soothes the mind and the soul. Therefore, if someone wants to try a musical instrument that is compact, easy to learn, and sounds amazing, then ukulele is the right choice for them.
Tip for Beginners
Keep your friends close and your ukulele closer. Practice regularly and enjoy what you are learning.

Ukulele of Choice

Solid Acacia Tenor Cutaway w/ EQ

Ambassador on the Web
Twitter: @s_roy636
Facebook: kkeeplaying
Instagram: sagar636
Youtube: Uke Bajaao