Kala Ambassador - Salva Ray

Besides his activity as a songwriter, arranger and singer in The Pinker Tones and Navet, Salva has developed a parallel activity over the last few years, teaching music through the ukulele, one of his instrumental obsessions. In 2018 he published the handbook "Ukelelala; aprende a tocar el ukelele" en familia" and "UKE, mi primer libro de ukelele"; in 2022, and teaches ukulele to children, adults and musicians. He is also the co creator of the bilingual four volume cd/book series "Rolf & Flor; (2012 - 2018) He is working on different literary and documentary projects.. He has toured Europe and the USA along with Alex Borstein and her project The Amstergang, and is a co star in her Amazon Studios comedy special "Corsets and Clown Suits"; (2023).

Ukulele of Choice
All Solid Spruce Top Ziricote Tenor XL Ukulele

Ambassador on the Web
Website: https://salvarey.com/
Twitter: @SalvaReyNagel
Facebook: van.d.furia
Instagram: @salvareynagel/