Kala Ambassador - Sayali Tank


Sayali Tank is a leading content creator in India who teaches the ukulele through her YouTube channel.

Sayali was brought up in Nashik, India and currently lives in Pune, India. She has simultaneously completed her Master's in Computer Engineering and Graduation in Indian classical vocals recognised as "Visharad" in Hindustani (Indian) classical vocals. In 2018, she discovered a tiny instrument called "Ukulele" in pursuit of searching some information online and was very fascinated by the sound of it. She explored the instrument in detail and bought a Makala MK-T tenor ukulele. She learned playing the instrument by herself and later found that not much information was available regarding the ukulele in India.

With the goal of providing valuable material for many people in India who wanted to get started with ukulele like her, she began her pursuit of posting Ukulele tutorials on YouTube in Hindi and English languages. Her YouTube channel soon gained greater recognition and now has a community of over 115,000 subscribers.

Sayali believes that music is a meditation and all should follow it, through which, people can relieve their stresses and be more happy in this hectic world. She has a vision that at least one member in each family should be able to play any instrument which in turn will help everyone in the family to hear music and enjoy it. Since it is easy for beginners to get started with ukulele, she focuses on imparting ukulele playing skills through her YouTube Channel.

Ukulele Philosophy
There is something about ukulele that just makes you smile.
Tip for Beginners
Take things one day at a time. Don't rush, it takes patience to create a beautiful art.

Ukulele of Choice

Solid Acacia Tenor Cutaway w/ EQ

Ambassador on the Web
Youtube: Sayali Tank
Instagram: sayalitank
Facebook: sayalijtank
Twitter: SayaliTank