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Formed in Kolkata, Taalpatar Shepai is the creative partnership of musicians Pritam Das and Suman Ghosh. The duo has been making music together since 2011 and released their first videos under the name Taalpatar Shepai in 2017. Although met with a small response at the very start, it did not take long before their performances began going viral across social media. Their eclectic influences, from rock and western folk to indian classical, helped to create a completely new and original sound.

In 2019, Taalpatar Shepai was selected in Youtube NextUp among the Top 10 Artists and left audiences enamored with the previously unheard-of pairing of ukulele and the Bengali language.

Pritam Das -- the vocalist, composer, and arranger for the band -- has been learning music since childhood and was a runner-up in the 28th National India Talent Hunt. He was trained in Indian Classical, Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Geeti, and later introduced to Western Music as well. Suman Ghosh -- the group’s main instrumentalist -- is also a composer, arranger, and mixing engineer with a love of rock music.

The duo’s ukulele arrangements, incredible staging and cinematography of their music videos, and impeccable harmonies delivered in their native tongue of Bengali are a few of the things that make Taalpatar Shepai incredibly unique. Today, the duo continues to experiment, improve, and make music for a growing international audience.


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