Kala Ambassador - Tom Hood

Tom Hood is a performing artist and songwriter with over 30 recording projects in his career. He plays guitar, ukulele, bass, harmonica and keyboards and performs solo and with his band The Tropical Sons. A prolific songwriter, Tom mixes blues, country, rock, folk and island music influences into his compositions. He has appeared on numerous tv and radio shows and is engaged in numerous charitable projects every year. Tom is also President of the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society (one of the largest ukulele clubs in the world) and has helped develop educational, entertainment and community programs in the greater Tampa area.

Ukulele of Choice
Solid Spruce Top Striped Ebony Baritone Ukulele w/ Cutaway & EQ

Ambassador on the Web
Website: https://www.tomhoodmusic.com
Facebook: tomhoodandthetropicalsons
Instagram: @tomhoodandthetropicalsons
Youtube: @tomhood4152