Kala Ambassador - Vincenzo Gioia

Vincenzo is a ukulele teacher and musician based in Berlin. His mission is to teach and inspire players who want to progress and take their playing to the next level. He works on his goal by running his YouTube channel — Ukulele Lovers —where ukulele players can finally find the resources they need to progress and fulfill their potential. In addition to that, he teaches ukulele both individually and in groups.

Vincenzo started playing music when he was twelve years old. This journey has taken him to live in 5 countries — Italy, England, Russia, Greece and Germany — where he has studied and worked as a teacher and musician. It was in London where Vincenzo decided music was going to be his life! He completed a degree in Music and Performance at ICMP London and then went on to gain a Master Degree in Music Education at the prestigious University of London (UCL). After qualifying as a music teacher he started his career in UK secondary schools which eventually brought him to teach in international British schools, before deciding to focus on teaching the ukulele.

Since then Vincenzo has been leading hundreds of 1-to-1 ukulele lessons, he has run ukulele workshops, delivered his trademark course Ukulele Masters in group settings and individually, started a YouTube channel and grew his fanbase on Instagram all in the space of two years. Learning music and exploring all the possibilities of the ukulele is at the heart of what Vincenzo does. This journey has just begun, stay tuned to see where it will lead!

Ukulele Philosophy
Don’t just copy music, learn it and understand it.
Tip for Beginners
You don’t need to learn hundreds of songs. Learn a few of them, but learn them properly.

Ukulele of Choice

Solid Acacia Tenor

Ambassador on the Web
Website: http://www.ukulelelovers.com
Instagram: ukulelelovers1
Youtube: Ukulele Lovers