Kala Ambassador - Zoe Herishen

Zoe Herishen is an award-winning youth athlete and long time member of the extended Kala family, based in New Jersey. If you've ever joined Kala at Surf Expo or Toy Fair, you may have seen Zoe in action!

Zoe first began playing music at the age of 7, starting with an electric guitar she received for Christmas. After struggling to push down the guitar strings at such a young age, her instructor recommended starting with the ukulele to get her fingers used to stretching. She immediately fell in love with the instrument!

Zoe and the Kala team first met at the 2016 Surf Expo, where she was attending as a guest of her skateboard sponsor, after she gave friends an impromptu ukulele lesson right outside the Kala booth. In the years since, Zoe has joined Kala Artists such as Bakithi Kumalo, Ukulenny and Emily Arrow in performing from the Kala Booth at the Surf Expo and Toy Fair in Los Angeles, Orlando, and New York City.

Ukulele Philosophy
Music is therapeutic. Whenever I’m feeling sad, I pick up my ukulele and it immediately brings me to a happy place.
Tip for Beginners
The trick is to be consistent! Practice as much as you can. The ukulele is so accessible you can bring it anywhere. I have one in my car so I can practice on car rides!

Ukulele of Choice

Kala Elite USA

Ambassador on the Web
Twitter: @zoeherishen
Facebook: zoeherishen
Instagram: zoeherishen