Sisters Sidney and Caitlin Powell of Neoni

Sisters Sidney and Caitlin Powell began performing when they were 9 and 12 years old, respectively. In 2012, they moved with their family to Colorado, where they began picking up any instrument they could find. They learned to play bass, guitar, ukulele, piano, mandolin, and banjo and began performing together as Facing West in 2013. The sisters busked and played open mics, and by the summer of 2014 were playing festival stages across Colorado. They released two EPs as a duo before bringing in a backing band in 2015 and joining the summer festival circuit that year. They pared back to a duo in 2016 to focus on recording, creating videos, and licensing their music, choosing a new name: Neoni. The duo continues to write, record, and make videos today, frequently featuring their Fretless U•Bass in acoustic & songwriting sessions.

U•Bass of Choice
Fretless Solid Spruce Mahogany Acoustic-Electric U•Bass (UBASS-SSMHG-FL) 
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