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Koa Tradition

Native to Hawaii, Koa is one of the finest-textured woods the world over. Koa was traditionally used to build canoes due to its natural strength and durability. The intricate, flamed or curling wood grain of the Koa made it prized by Hawaiian royalty. All of these characteristics make Koa ideal for crafting ukulele.

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the koa sound

Koa is renown for the warm and balanced tone it produces. This versatile wood offers power and projection, as well as a denseness and thickness that embellishes the evident note separation.

Kala Elite USA KOA Series

The KOA 1, 2, and 3 Series are differentiated by the grade of Koa used to build them. The KOA 1 Series features the lightest wood grain flaming or curling, while the KOA 2 Series displays a more rich and full flaming or curling. The KOA 3 Series exhibits the richest and fullest flaming or curling in the Collection. Both the KOA 1 and 2 Series feature fingerboards and bridges made of Pau Ferro, and the KOA 3 Series feature fingerboards and bridges made of Ebony.

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