Kala U•Bass Artist Lilo DeLima posing with her Koa 5 Strings U•Bass in front of an orange background.

Lilo DeLima has earned her reputation as one of Hawaii's premier female bass players. Lilo's father, legendary Hawaiian artist Kelly Boy DeLima, encouraged her to pick up the bass in 2006 and has since developed a style described by her peers as fiery yet sweet.

In 2014, Lilo elevated her status as an accomplished Hawaiian artist, earning herself a Na Hoku Hanohano nomination for her single, "I Am A Queen." Since then, she has gone on to write hit singles, "The Peasant and The Queen" and "My Everything," both of which have received major airplay with Hawaiian Reggae stations across the islands.

In late 2016, Lilo joined the Kala U•Bass artist roster, adding that the U•Bass is "small but has a great tone, making it easy to hold all night and enjoyable to listen to." You can catch the twenty-something U•Bass star playing her CA Series Koa 5-String Solid Body U•Bass at one of her regular weekly gigs on Oahu.

U•BASS of Choice

KOA 5 String Fretted (UBASS-5KOA-FS-M)


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