U•BASS Artist Allee Futterer

A Berklee College of Music grad and versatile creative, the L.A-based Allee Futterer has served as the longstanding bassist for Mayer Hawthorne as well as co-founding indie rock outfit The Astronots. The latter's palpable garage sound has lent itself to placements on film and TV, including CBS' Life in Pieces and A24's Under the Silver Lake, as well as curated playlists and blogs. In 2019, The Astronots released their debut LP 'Cotati,' recorded at the legendary Prairie Sun Recording Studio.


Years after her first introduction to the U•BASS in college, Allee was gifted her own from a friend after a gig in Hawaii. She has kept the instrument handy for sessions and gigs ever since, perfecting her own EQ approach to compliment the U•BASS's unique voice and maneuverability. Today, Allie owns and uses both a fretless and fretted U•BASS, including her Solid Cedar Pau Ferro U•BASS.


Apart from her resumé as a bassist, Allie has written for Bass Magazine and serves as creative director for the Community Arts Project: LA, where she has collaborated with friend and fellow Kala U•BASS Artist Nicole Row of Panic! At the Disco.

U•BASS of Choice
Solid Cedar Pau Ferro U•BASS®

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Website: http://www.theastronots.com/
Facebook: alleefutterermusic
Instagram: alleefutterer