U•Bass Artist - Kadence Williamson

A dazzling smile. A show-stopping singer, dancing every note, innovating bass lines on the fly -- that is Kadence Williamson, the bassist for Williamson Branch. When she was 10 years-old, Kadence went shopping for a bass at a trade show. She purchased a U•Bass, and it has been her constant companion since then.


Kadence’s playing on her band’s Pinecastle Records single "Free" is believed to be the first bluegrass chart-record to feature U•Bass. Her performance on the song "Blue Moon Over Texas" helped propel the recording to the #1 spot on the Roots Music Report’s Bluegrass Chart --a position it held for 7 weeks in 2020.


Kadence says, “People are always curious about my bass, and I can easily recommend it for any genre. I love the huge tone and the small size. These days I’m playing my 5-string California Solid Body U•BASS®. It’s completely amazing!” Once you have heard Kadence play, it is easy to understand why people are drawn to her style and her instrument.


“Kadence may be the instrumental star of the bunch… [she] plays a U•Bass with the punch and growl of a standard-size bass and rock-solid timing… her performance sent me to dust off my U•Bass!” - Bluegrass Today

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