U•BASS Artist - Máximo Olmedo

Máximo Olmedo is a 12 year old Chilean bass player and influencer that has caused great awe in the industry due to his extraordinary abilities. He started playing when he was 10 years old, guided by his father Riggo Olmedo. At 11 years of age, he started studying Violoncello in the Catholic University of Chile. His favorite styles are jazz, funk and classical music.

Máximo plays a several different acoustic-electric models of U•BASS, including a Striped Ebony U•BASS with roundwoundsExotic Mahogany, and a Spalted Maple model (both with polyurethane strings).

Find Máximo on Social Media: @maximo_bass_

U•BASS of Choice
Striped Ebony Fretted Acoustic-Electric U•BASS® w/ Round Wounds
Artist on the Web
Website: https://www.instagram.com/maximo_bass_/
Instagram: @maximo_bass_
Youtube: @maximothebass746