U•Bass Artist Nik West

Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Nik West was born into a musical family and encouraged to play music very early on, starting a band with her sisters. She took up bass in high school and never looked back. She has performed with Prince, John Mayer, Macy Gray, and Parliament Funkadelic, among others.

In 2017, Nik West and Kala collaborated to create the Nik West Signature U•Bass, inspired by her explosive stage presence and boundary-breaking grooves. Nik's U•Basses are featured in the music videos for her singles “My Relationship” and "Purple Unicorn." She has released two solo albums and one EP to date. A firm believer in music mentorship as well, Nik launched the Queen of Strings competition to “inspire girls and women to pick up and play instruments with confidence.”

U•BASS of Choice
Nik West Signature California U•BASS®
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Website: nikwestbass.com
Twitter: @Nikwestbass
Facebook: nikwestbass
Instagram: nikwestbass