Kala® Elite USA

The Kala Elite USA Series is designed and handmade at our shop in Petaluma, California. Every instrument is an individual, from the handpicked wood to the tiniest of structural pieces. We are proud to introduce this series to ukulele players across the world. From traditional Koa to classic Mahogany, each Elite USA ukulele is built with care.

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Solid Wood

Solid wood is, in essence, one solid piece of wood that makes up the entire soundboard of the instrument. It is the most resonate and pure form of the tonewood and requires much more finesse to install properly. However the wood is intended to sound with all its unique tones, it will be most apparent in a solid wood instrument. It is somewhat delicate in comparison to laminate wood but is highly sought after.

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Solid Top

The most crucial component to an instrument’s tone is the top of the instrument known as the sound board. The top of the instrument vibrates along with the strings to create greater projection that also shapes the tone. At Kala we have a robust selection of tonewood options that satisfy a huge variety of tonal preferences. Our solid top instruments are sought after for their excellent construction and beautiful sound.

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The Crossover collection provides a wonderful variety of unique ukulele instruments that are sure to catch the eye and the ear. Consisting of models like the Kala Archtop, banjo ukulele, and vintage looking Kala Resonator - this category is perfect for the player looking to stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you’re ready for something new, something different, or just something traditional with a twist then check out this page.

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Simply the best entry-level ukulele for over a decade. Kala is known for high-quality instruments that have amazing tone, and our Makala ukulele are no exception. Focusing on the essentials - quality at an affordable price - a Makala is the perfect uke to start on. With many color and design options, there is a Makala ukulele to fit any personality.

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Exotic Wood

Exotic woods offer unique tonal and aesthetic qualities not always found in more common tonewoods. These instruments are endowed with unique and beautiful grain patterns that provide nuance and a distinct musical experience. Due to the nature of complex grain patterns almost every exotic wood ukulele has a certain level of variance in its appearance that makes each ukulele one of a kind. Just take a look at the swirling patterns of our Bocote ukulele or the bright striking colors of the exotic mahogany line. If you find beauty in originality then this collection is for you!

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Traditional Mahogany

Mahogany is the great all-around tone wood. A sweet warm and woody sound, beautiful mid-ranged tone, and impressive projection make Mahogany one of the most popular choices for musicians of all types and a favorite of many of the Kala luthiers. Mahogany can range in color from light to darker brown coloring.

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The Waterman and Ukadelic lines were updated and improved in 2017. They are both now included in the Kala line and all Ukadelics are now made of the same durable plastic as The Waterman. They are easy to clean and you can take them anywhere. They remain as affordable and versatile as ever—ready for any jam session or adventure.

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