You are starting down a lifelong, rewarding journey of playing in tune!

  • The strings on your new ukulele need to be stretched before tuning.
  • You will need to tune your uke each time you play.
  • Place your hand on the bridge and lightly tug on the strings, pulling them away from the face of the ukulele. Do this to each string a few times during the tuning process.
  • Sound each string individually. The string name will appear on the display of your tuner.
  • The most common ukulele tuning is G-C-E-A.
  • When the needle is in the middle and the letter turns GREEN, the string is in tune. WHITE is out of tune.

How to know if you are getting close to being in tune:

When tuning to G with a Kala Klipz clip-on tuner or the Kala App tuner (chromatic setting), if the tuner reads to the left of center, you are flat and need to tighten the tuning machine. If the tuner reads right of center, you are sharp and need to loosen the tuning machine. Be careful not to over-tighten your string or it will break.

Tuning with Sam

Start Here. Sam shows you how to stretch your new strings, tune up your uke, and use the Kala tuning app.

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Tuning with Emily Arrow

The delightful Emily Arrow teaches you how to tune your ukulele. Great for your Color Chord, Waterman, & Ukadelic.

Tuning with Jonathan

Our most thorough tuning video. Jonathan walks you through how to tune your ukulele, how to use the tuning app, and the Kala app in general. Enjoy Jonathan’s step by step tutorial.

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