Cyber Week Was A Success!

During this year’s Cyber Week sale, from Nov 23rd-30th, Kala pledged to donate one Waterman® Classic Soprano Ukulele to schools for every ukulele sold on our website. We even doubled that pledge for Giving Tuesday, with “Buy One, Give Two”!

We're giving away 15 classroom sets of 36 Waterman® Classic Ukuleles.

This contest ended on December 15, 2022. Giveaway winners will be selected and notified by December 20, 2022.  

About The Waterman® Ukulele:

The Waterman® is remarkably versatile and designed as an homage to 1950s Maccaferri ukulele. Initially designed to accompany any outdoor adventure, The Waterman is appropriate for the classroom as well—durable and easy to clean! 

Light, economical, and truly versatile, there are so many reasons why The Waterman is our reigning champ in schools, summer camps, outdoor clubs. They can be dropped, rinsed, scrubbed, and strummed with ease! Bundled with a custom tote, The Waterman is ideal for large groups of younger players. 




For more information about educator-only discounts on Kala instruments and accessories, contact us.