Kala Revelator™ USA Ukulele String Set



At Kala we do our best to provide high quality string options for our players. For our Kala Revelator™ USA Ukulele String Set, we’ve teamed up with two of the best of the best — Worth Ukulele Strings and D’Addario Strings. We are employing a non-traditional string set up to optimize the tone and projection of the Revelator by using two Worth Brown Fluorocarbon strings for the E and A. The G and C use two D’Addario silver plated copper wound strings with Denier Nylon cores. The sound of the 100% fluorocarbon brown strings can be described as warm, mellow, and astonishingly clear. They have a clean, natural sustain and plenty of projection. The silver plated copper wound strings on the G and C give a full presence and volume in the low end of the instrument. This magical combination of strings brings out the best of the tone possibilities of The Revelator.

Worth Ukulele Strings is a Japanese company that is well known for their fluorocarbon string material that enhances intonation, note clarity, and sustain. | D’Addario is one of the leaders in string technology and we have found their wound strings are some of the best around for Ukulele and especially for The Revelator. 

*Compatible with all Kala concert and tenor ukulele.

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