3 Questions with Cedric Crout

3 Questions with Cedric Crout

Get to know Kala U•BASS Ambassador Cedric Crout in this edition of 3 Questions

You have tech'd for some of the biggest names on the largest stages, including Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars and Mary J. Blige. How did you get into the music industry? Did you ever think you'd travel the world because of music? What's next?

I’ve been BLESSED! A GREAT man named Tony Shelton introduced me to the music industry. He owned a Backline company in Chicago. I never thought I’d be traveling the world because of music. I always wanted to be a basketball player.

Next, I’m heading back to Europe. This time with Mariah Carey for her Christmas Tour.

In an industry where no day is the same, I am going to ask you to do the impossible and describe an average day for a tech on the road? How does it differ from when you are home? Any advice for those looking to begin working behind the scenes?

A day on the road as a tech is and can be really smooth or really crazy! Unloading the Backline truck, checking the gear, cleaning the gear, setting up the gear and tuning the gear. Which can be up until doors open some days. I have kids, so it’s kind of similar. Paying attention to details, up early and getting to bed late. Lol.

If you plan on working behind the scenes, you have to be alert. Know your gig, always do some research. Gear is constantly changing. Something that most people won’t tell you, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. It’s rough on the body doing all this traveling and working. Drink lots of water and eat as healthy as possible.

Your story with Kala started earlier this year when we connected both you and Tony Russell with the U•BASS. Why do you think the U•BASS has been such a hit with music industry pros?

The Kala U•BASS is a quiet storm! It is a small yet incredible instrument that packs a HUGE POWERFUL SOUND!! Most people who see it are AMAZED at the beauty and sound it projects. Pros love it and have to have it. Definitely a unique sound.

November 09, 2018 by Nick Fletcher
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