3 Questions with Jimbo Hart

3 Questions with Jimbo Hart

Get to know Kala U•BASS Artist Jimbo Hart in this edition of 3 Questions

It's been a crazy busy year for you! You've toured throughout the U.S. and Europe, spent time in the studio and made a move to Nashville. Tell us about some of your personal highlights from this year.

This year’s been full of huge moments. Everything from awards to long tours to and from some of the most beautiful places on the planet. I spent the majority of the year when not on the road residing in New Orleans. Living there and taking in all the music that that city seems to ooze out of every single nook and cranny was fantastic and educational. Playing on the main stage at Jazzfest while so close to my actual house was a real gas, too! The transition to Nashville has brought on a few new and interesting projects. Through it all, my Mahogany U•BASS Acoustic/Electric (UBASS-SMHG-FS) has lived on the bus and by my couch when I’m home. It’s been nice to have such a tool handy at any given moment to keep my chops up and be inspired by its funky vibe.

You're a self-described sideman and session player. Since moving to Nashville, you've also found yourself leaning further into a production role. Has your approach to music changed as your music career evolves?

I wouldn’t say my approach has changed too much. I tend to go with whatever is needed or happening at the moment, especially in the studio. I recently played a night of music with the great Robben Ford. His music was a departure from what I’m used to playing but I took on the task and gave it my all. Robben and his fellow guitarist, Jeff McErlain, are really sweet folks and getting to play with them definitely opened my ears up a bit. I took along and played my U•BASS that night on Robben’s song "Birds Nest Bound." It fit the mood and everyone got a nice (respectful) chuckle out of the huge sound coming from this tiny bass!!

You have a good variety of Kala instruments in your arsenal, including a few U•BASS models, the guitarlele and the banjo ukulele. If you could pick only one to be your cornerstone piece in the studio, which would it be?

I have several Kala instruments at hand that are all slowly making their way into things that I’m working on. The fretted Acoustic/Electric U•Bass models (I have a Mahogany version and a Striped Ebony version) have already seen some action in the studio. I don’t foresee myself showing up to a session without at least one of those. They’re quite a fun and useful tool for recording and touring with them just keeps the good times rolling!!


November 02, 2018 by Nick Fletcher
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