3 Questions with Mira Goto

3 Questions with Mira Goto

Get to know a little bit about Kala Artist Mira Goto! 

How long have you been songwriting?

I have been writing songs since the day I learned my first three chords! I must have been 16yrs old at the time.

What sort of routine or process do you go through when writing? Where do you draw inspiration from?

Most of my songs are based on real events that I've either experienced or watched someone close to me experience, with a few exceptions. I try to pull from emotions and experiences I have gone through myself. It's easier to tell a true story. For example, I wrote a song called "Whiskey or Me" where the singer is offering an ultimatum to her alcoholic partner. I haven't experienced that myself, but I've watched some friends go through it and was able to tap into those conversations and resulting emotions.

You recently began using the Kala Guitarlele.  How has that affected your songwriting process? Are there any benefits to starting with a smaller instrument?

I love the guitarlele! It's so convenient to travel with, but I also leave it out on a stand at home. This way, if I get an idea that I want to try, I can grab the guitarlele and give it a shot while I'm in the moment, as opposed to sitting down and getting out my guitar. I can also bring it to the beach without much effort, so I've written more on the beach since I got it.

Want more content about Mira? Head over to the Kala YouTube channel for her exclusive acoustic performance of her award-winning song, "Nobody Warned Me."

October 18, 2018 by Nick Fletcher
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