Introducing the mxmtoon Signature Ukulele

Introducing the mxmtoon Signature Ukulele

Kala is proud to announce an all-new Signature Concert Ukulele model with the newest addition to the Kala Artist family: mxmtoon.



Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Maia, aka. mxmtoon, is a self-made singer-songwriter catapulted to the forefront of the indie pop sphere from the grassroots success of her 2018 self-released EP, plum blossom, recorded entirely from her bedroom. Rooted in intimate lo-fi production, mxmtoon’s style has quickly captivated a broad audience, her music awash with sweetly candid vocals, ukulele chords, and a glimmering introspection and wit. Followed up by full-length LP releases the masquerade and dawn & dusk, mxmtoon now has an audience of over 6 million monthly Spotify listeners, a burgeoning online following, and her own podcast: 365 days with mxmtoon.




The mxmtoon Signature Concert Ukulele delivers a one-of-a kind design atop the foundation of Kala’s most trusted flagship instrument design. This instrument features a satin spruce top adorned with an original etched design, supported by a traditional satin mahogany back, sides, and neck. Hand drawn and digitized by mxmtoon, the ukulele’s astro-infused artwork is as modern, textured, and captivating as it is personal to the artist herself.

“One thing that I’ve continuously tried to remind myself of as I’ve gotten older is the importance of a cycle. That no matter how hectic life may be, the one thing that ties everything together is that the sun will rise and fall and the moon will follow each day,” said Maia.



“With my signature ukulele, I wanted that message to be represented in the engravings! I think oftentimes as creatives we can be very hard on ourselves when we aren’t able to produce art at a constant rate. So, I designed this ukulele in hopes of reminding people that even if one day is difficult, there is always the next.”



Maia got her first Kala ukulele early in her musical journey and our instruments have been with her ever since. Prior to designing her own instrument with Kala, Maia’s own Satin Mahogany Baritone w/ EQ and Solid Cedar Top Acacia Baritone have accompanied her on many recordings, performances, and music videos along the way.

This January, mxmtoon performed her first ever NPR Tiny Desk with her Kala baritone: 



The mxmtoon Signature Concert Ukulele is available for pre-order now, starting at $99.99. The instrument comes equipped with a Padded Ukulele Gig Bag with a Custom mxmtoon Logo. View the instrument here.

February 23, 2021 by Joe DeMars
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