Kala Artist mxmtoon

Born and raised in Oakland, mxmtoon is a self-made singer-songwriter catapulted to the forefront of the indie pop sphere from the grassroots success of her 2018 self-released EP, plum blossom, recorded entirely from her bedroom. Rooted in intimate lo-fi production, mxmtoon’s style has quickly captivated a broad audience, her music awash with sweetly candid vocals, ukulele chords, and a glimmering introspection and wit.

Followed up by full-length LP releases the masquerade and dawn & dusk, mxmtoon now has an audience of over 6 million monthly Spotify listeners, a burgeoning online following, and her own podcast: 365 days with mxmtoon.

Kala ukuleles have been with mxmtoon for every step of her musical journey: from her first recordings and shows to, most recently, her first appearance on NPR's Tiny Desk series.

To celebrate her journey as a songwriter, mxmtoon partnered up with Kala in the Spring of 2021 to introduce the world to the mxmtoon Signature Concert Ukulele, featuring her original hand-drawn design.

Ukulele of Choice
mxmtoon Signature Concert Ukulele

Artist on the Web
Website: mxmtoon.com
Twitter: @mxmtoon
Facebook: mxmtoon
Instagram: mxmtoon
Youtube: mxmtoon